Anime – The Growing Giant For The Japanese Culture

While the world is really in the throes of the Shonen Jump manga, the new anime series Sword Art Online is taking the fans by storm. The new anime series has been a fan favorite. The latest anime, Sword Art Online, has many die hard fans and casual fans alike.

What is Sword Art Online?

The first episode of Sword Art Online was released on the internet last August. It instantly became a viral sensation. It became so popular it made headlines in the world’s leading media. This is how quickly online trends can impact the Japanese culture.

Anime is basically the new form of manga. The name came from “anime” meaning the animation. Manga is a rich tradition, originally derived from China. With television, movies, books, and anime now dominating the media world, the Japanese have taken notice.

Anime is like any other art form, its own genre. There are certain styles of anime that are particularly loved. One such example is “One Piece.” It takes elements from western animation like movie and cartoon characters and action scenes. The story line is sometimes very complex and with clever writing it captures the heart of the viewers.

Sword Art Online’s story is no different. As the gaming world develops, the world of “Alfheim Online” has come to life. You’ll experience epic battles, “what if” scenarios, and other events of an online fantasy world. This will have many die hard anime fans eating their words.

So how does Sword Art Online fit into all this? Well, it’s a fantasy world where the player character develops his power over time. In other words, he gains experience, skills, and wisdom. This is similar to the Japanese stories where the hero gains more experience and power as he grows up.

But Sword Art Online also follows the Japanese manga trend of having the main hero going through intense trials and tribulations. Although not every scene would be action packed, the story line is filled with violence, and dark plot twists. Fans of anime will find a lot to enjoy in this anime. Although it takes place in a fantasy world, the story still resembles what they love in anime.

Preserving Modern Day Anime as Original and Traditional

Anime fans might also like the fact that Alfheim Online uses Japanese words. Characters speak in the language, and there are references to specific places in Japan, which is a nice touch. And, unlike anime like Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online is not based on a Western movie and shows an amazing amount of originality.

The episodes of Sword Art Online are very well written and beautifully animated. If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, this show might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Anime is not only based on what we see in the movies and television shows, it’s the unique styles and ways of storytelling. The story of Sword Art Online is a great example of this. The style and background of this anime are what it’s all about.

Anime is based on the magical realism of Japanese culture. When anime takes the style of Japanese animation, fans are able to enjoy an exciting anime that can bring out the whole human spirit.