Manga Vs Anime – What Makes Them Different?

When people think of which is better, manga vs anime, they usually only think of their preferences, but there are some differences that you might not think about. Let’s look at some similarities and differences that you might not realize when you compare the two.

First, anime is probably a little more complicated than the manga, especially for first time viewers. Most are people who watch Japanese cartoons and live in Japan, so the language isn’t used very often. Also, many people know enough to be able to understand the story line and the basic plot.

So manga comes out a little more difficult. In some cases, some people learn the lines by ear, while others pick them up through word association or by watching someone else read the manga. Others may be able to pick up a couple of lines while watching the anime.

For example, many of the anime are not very good, especially in the animation department. Even in anime that have high quality animation, they are not always very attractive. Often they have very high production values, but there is a lot of empty space in many of the scenes.

Anime vs Manga Action Scenes

Anime has also been known to use too many action scenes. It may seem too fast, but there may not be enough time to show all the details, so some scenes go on. Manga tends to show some action and then pull back for the other things to happen. Some can pull it off very well, while others tend to come off as silly.

Of course, anime has many more girls, which is a plus in many cases. And I can say that I have seen a lot of female characters that have very few lines. They don’t take up much screen time, but they are there to complete the plot and in some cases they are even the main character.

Author’s Point of View

My favorite manga is always the one that shows me what I like to see. They help me learn about the characters and the world, instead of forcing me to guess from the context. It’s fun, but also helps me enjoy the story even more.

My favorite anime is always the one that has a much stronger story. It also has a character who is stronger. They are the main characters, so you get to know them and develop them.

Manga or anime has a lot to do with culture and politics. Anime movies are more risque and more violent, whereas in the manga, there are more of a love story aspect. But that doesn’t mean the animation is just all men in leotards with bishonen characters.

Manga is all over the place, from there to edgy to beautiful. It doesn’t matter, because there is something for everyone.

Manga and anime are quite diverse, and there are a lot of different genres, from horror to war to magical realism. You may not like what you see, but at least you’ll know it’s out there.